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Talkin’ Chalk; Bec West transforms teacher education one video at a time

Bec West has been a teacher for 16 years, and like most of her peers is an advocate for inclusive learning, and passionate about building strong learning communities. Unlike most of her peers Bec also has about 8,000 people from around the world who subscribe to her YouTube videos where she shares her teaching insights and experiences. While just over half of the... Read more

Great Southern Grammar harnesses technology, blurs country-city borders

The 750 students at Great Southern Grammar have an array of unique opportunities; they can study agriculture on the school’s 40-acre farm, or learn about marine science, they can Scuba dive or ride a horse – as well as access the full complement of traditional curriculum options. The K-12 school which has around 135 boarders, prides itself on being “a country school... Read more

Hale School showcases benefits of fusing heritage with innovation

Hale School may be the oldest boys’ school in Western Australia, but it has a thoroughly modern outlook. Hale is a Microsoft Showcase School and a Surface School. It runs a one-to-one Surface program and has embraced digital pens both for the learning flexibility they promise and the opportunity to encourage handwriting and support traditional learning... Read more

Kearnan College students learn skills to ensure they thrive in the classroom and beyond

  Kearnan College has almost 450 students spread across Kindergarten to Year 12. Located in Manjimup, 300 Km south of Perth, the school has a relatively large catchment area and many older students travel by bus, some for over an hour. Mindful that today’s students’ learning horizons need to extend beyond the four walls of the classroom, and be more flexible, the... Read more

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Written by Natalie Afshar This previous blog post about Windows Mixed reality involved lots of products that are free, and if you want to give your students a completely immersive world, a Mixed Reality headset, there is a broad ecosystem of options available in the mixed reality space, at various price points. Mid-Range: Lenovo and Dell A mid-range option is the Windows Mixed... Read more

Windows 10–full day Melbourne workshop to get ready for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

There are a number of improvements coming to the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 that are specifically focused on supporting education customers. These include: Faster, easier set-up: Shared devices in the classroom are the norm in some schools. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update we are introducing a ”Set Up School PCs” app that allows teachers to set up a device... Read more