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Three students work on laptops at a table, with the headline "TransformEd: Class of 2030"

TransformEd Change Agents: Ian Fogarty

For TransformEd, Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow Ian Fogarty shared his thoughts on a few of our questions about the Class of 2030. Ian is a chemistry and physics teacher, the co-director of SHAD at the University of New Brunswick, and one of the co-founders of CurrentGeneration.org, an organization that collaborates with students to impact light poverty. He has fantastic... Read more

A woman holds a tablet and stands in an open office space, with the headline "Microsoft EduChat: Women in STEM | March 5th, 7:00 PM EST"

Join the #MSFTEduChat Canada TweetMeet in March: Women in STEM

With International Women's Day on its way, our upcoming TweetMeet celebrates the work of Women in STEM, and how their example inspires girls to explore their passion for science, technology, engineering, and math. We know that mentorship is one of the most important factors in whether young women pursue a career in STEM, so we're bringing together a group of women with a... Read more

A teacher’s STEM learning experience

Well, here we are again: reflecting on a trip that was inspiring, innovative, and also very emotional for me! Being an avid Twitter-follower of the remarkable work Fair Chance Learning does not only for teacher support and student learning, but also for all types of learners, I had seen the awesome learning experience they provided for Peel Students at Microsoft Canada... Read more

Making change in the learning commons

Traditionally, support teachers may work in a small office in a school or in a small classroom to support struggling students. In many schools, there are more students who need support than a single teacher can get to in a day or even a week cycle. The difficulty of finding an ideal space and a sufficient amount of time to assist students can be overwhelming. This is the story... Read more

Summer school is a career opportunity for students at Peel District School Board

Program administrators of the Morningstar Middle School reached out to Microsoft and Fair Chance Learning to see if there was an opportunity to offer real-world application for the curriculum that was being delivered on coding and game design.  On Tuesday, July 25, Microsoft Canada opened their headquarters’ doors to these students and their coding mentors from Peel... Read more

Makerspaces make a difference

Our grade 3–5 girls wanted a winter club that allowed them to build and construct, so we decided to create the Makerspace Girls Club! This is an extracurricular club that focused on coding, constructing with recyclables, and problem-based learning opportunities. This club was offered in order to promote engagement, peer relationships, and enthusiasm about the... Read more