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Learning to love language and technology: Immersive Reader and Presentation Translator

Learning to speak, listen, read and write in a second language is a daunting task for anyone. My role as the Digital Literacy Coordinator at Briya Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., allows me to investigate new technologies that can help our adult students reach their goals of English proficiency. As a program for immigrant families in the United States, we also... Read more


Back to School—#MSFTEduChat TweetMeet and Live Event on August 20

  Announcing the August 20 TweetMeet and a new Live Event   On August 20, right after the Back to School Facebook Live event, we’re bringing you two more opportunities for inspiration ahead of the new school year: an #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet and a Teams Live Event. Keep reading for detailed information about this new, dual TweetMeet... Read more

6 young adults - the 2019 MOS Champions - stand in front of a billboard on a patio, holding aloft their individual trophies.

Four steps to get involved in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship

Students around the world are using their Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification to show colleges and future employers that they have a true mastery of the Microsoft Office suite. In fact, some talented students even go on to compete in a world competition for Microsoft Office. Each year, Certiport, a Pearson VUE business, and the leading provider of learning... Read more

Beach scene with the message: "Join the Skype Plastic Cleanup Brigade!"

Using Skype in the Classroom to empower students to protect the marine environment

“Hi! Wondering if you would like to Skype with my kids and talk about plastic waste.” It’s incredible how impactful a simple 16-word text can be, how a simple action can lead to greater achievements. This message from Oluwakemi Olurinola, a Nigerian teacher, back in August 2017, was the beginning of my Skype lesson, The Skype Plastic Cleanup Brigade. Nearly two years... Read more

Physics with OneNote

Teaching Physics with OneNote

In education, digitization alone is not enough. It needs to enhance learning to be justified in terms of costs and teachers’ commitments. Pedagogical requirements must be the starting point of digitization in our schools. Teaching is not about apps but what you as a teacher can accomplish with whatever is at hand. Yet occasionally, you come across a piece of software that... Read more

Video for Sign up today for My World—a television series and standards-aligned curriculum from BBC Learning and Microsoft

Sign up today for My World—a television series and standards-aligned curriculum from BBC Learning and Microsoft

  As technology facilitates the rapid and seamless dissemination of information, the critical requirements for success for the future workforce have been identified as social perceptiveness, deductive reasoning, complex problem solving, judgment and decision making.* These are also the skills which active and critical consumers of information need to make judgments... Read more