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Augmented reality transforms learning in a Netherlands school

I teach construction and technology to students ages 13 to 17 at Vechtdal College in the Netherlands. My hands-on lessons in woodworking, painting and working with heavy machinery prepare students for careers in the construction industry. The industry is quickly changing, and I want my students to have the skills they’ll need to succeed. This means giving them experience... Read more


Announcing AI Business School for Education for leaders, BDMs and students

We live in an ever more digital, connected world. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, the opportunity we have to provide truly personalized, accessible learning and experiences to all students around the world is now upon us. Leaders in education have the opportunity to dramatically impact outcomes more than ever—from changing the way in which they engage with... Read more


Three ways to engage with Microsoft at EDUCAUSE in Chicago, October 14-17

We are living in an amazing time of technological progress. There is no historical precedent for the accelerating pace of innovation. Digital transformation is reshaping every aspect of our lives—how we live, learn and work. This transformation impacts the skills students and employees need to succeed both in the workplace of today and in a future where the roles students... Read more


Announcing Microsoft Global Learning Connection 2019—extending the Skype-a-Thon experience to more learners around the world!

One of my favorite moments each year is when I get to connect with students all around the world as part of our annual Skype-a-Thon. Since our inaugural event in 2014, Skype-a-Thon has engaged with hundreds of thousands of students, classrooms and volunteer guest speakers who’ve embraced it and are connecting every year to help teach empathy and compassion. With new tools... Read more


Empowering literacy for everyone with free Microsoft Stores workshops

America has a literacy crisis. Students, parents and teachers attended a recent literacy kick-off event at Microsoft to see how Learning Tools improve reading. More than 36 million adults in the United States cannot read, write, or do basic math above a third grade level. And children whose parents have low literacy levels have a 72 percent chance of being at the lowest... Read more

Collage of wild animals "Explore the global issues that impact our world."

Bring World Wildlife Fund experts into your classroom via Skype and access their Minecraft Biodiversity Curriculum

We are excited to be partnering with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to bring teachers the Our Planet Live collection of activities for teachers to join live via Skype. The collection consists of experts and scientists from around the world who can give a deeper insight into the species, locations, issues and solutions introduced by the "Our Planet" series and website. The series... Read more